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Make a personal injury claim for animal bites

We love our snuggly, fluffy cats and our friendly, waggy-tailed dogs but we forget that our furry companions can bite. Many people are bitten by pets in the UK, and this results in a number of personal injury claim cases.

Dogs account for the majority of injuries that are sustained as a result of being bittten, some of which can be fairly serious. Those most commonly injured by dog bites are young children, who can unknowingly agitate pets and are at the right level to receive bite wounds to the face. Adults can also sustain personal injuries from dogs such as bites to the legs, arms or hands.

Cat and dog bites are rarely fatal, although most require medical attention, especially those that are serious or involve children. It is important that bite wounds are cleaned to prevent infection. A doctor may also recommend a course of antibiotics or a tetanus shot.

People are usually bitten by their own pet, or a pet that is known to them such a neighbour's dog. However, there are cases where pets attack strangers that are walking past their home and we have all heard of instances where the poor postman has been bitten by a dog. There are also cases where police officers have been injured due to dog bites, either due to hostile dogs who have become involved when police are pursuing a suspect, or as the result of an accidental bite from a police dog.

How we can help you make a personal injury claim
If you have suffered a dog bite or developed a nasty infection after being scratched by next door’s cat then you could make a personal injury claim. We could help you to recover medical costs such as prescriptions or arrange medical treatment in your area..

We have a no win, no fee policy, which means that you are free from financial risk in the event that you make a claim with us.

If you want more information on animal or dog bite claims or would like to make a personal injury claim call our friendly advisors on 0800 197 32 32.