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No win, no fee claim solicitors – personal injury compensation following a non fault accident

Have you been involved in an accident or are you suffering from a workplace ailment? Are you looking to make a compensation claim, but are worried about solicitor’s fees? Our no win, no fee claim solicitors can help you make a claim for personal injury compensation, without any risk.

Nowadays, most personal injury cases are covered by a no win, no fee agreement which means that a no win, no fee claim solicitor will take on your case.

Personal injury compensation claims can be made for the following types of injuries:

What is no win, no fee?
No win, no fee agreements allow you to make a claim for personal injury compensation without having to worry about the financial consequences in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. This means that you can make a claim, without worrying that you might need to pay out to keep it going. We will also advise you to take out legal insurance (which we can arrange on your behalf) to protect you from any unexpected costs not associated with our services. You don't need to pay for this up front, it can be paid out of the compensation award that you receive, and enables you to be fully financially protected as your claim is progressed by us.

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To speak to a no win, no fee claim solicitor about making a personal injury accident claim, please call us on 0800 197 32 32, 24 hours a day.