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What causes neck injuries?

Hundreds of people acquire neck injuries every week in the UK, whether they are serious or less severe.

Neck injuries can arise if the neck muscles are strained or over used. Drivers may experience neck pain when seated in a fixed position for long periods. Any vehicle occupant may experience a whiplash-type neck injury as the result of a car accident such as a rear end shunt. Those working in offices may experience neck and back pain since they sit at desks all day which affects their posture and have to hold their necks in awkward positions to look at computer monitors. Factory workers may also sustain minor neck injuries while holding their heads down for most of the day when assembling products or looking at conveyor belts.

Many neck injuries are sustained from trips or falls, road traffic accidents, horse riding accidents, scaffolding accidents and any other type of accident where the neck may be jolted or caused to land in an unnatural position.

If you find someone that you think has sustained a serious neck injury following an accident it is essential that you call for medical assistance. Do not move them unless absolutely necessary, as this could cause more damage. If you feel you have to move the injured party because he or she is at risk of further injury, then make sure that you fully support the head so that it is in a straight line with the rest of the body and move the body as an entire unit.

How we can help you following a neck injury
If you have had an accident that has resulted in a neck injury or have experienced a neck injury at work then our personal injury solicitors are at hand to help.

We provide expert legal advice and our claims team are on hand to deal with your enquiries.

Our no win no fee policy means that you can make your claim totally risk free, as you won't pay a penny in the result that your claim is unsuccessful.

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