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Hundreds of people are injured in accidents every day. Whilst in some instances, there is no one to blame for the accident, there are of course other occasions where someone else's negligence caused your accident. You are likely to have a valid injury claim if it can be proven that someone else was responsible for your injuries. The Claim Solicitors specialise in personal injury law and help thousands of people each year to make injury claims following an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

If you are thinking about making an injury claim, speak to one of our personal injury solicitors right now on 0800 197 32 32. We will give you expert legal advice and we can ensure you receive the best possible compensation for your injury. We can also help to arrange rehabilitation and treatment for you, if this is appropriate.

A recent personal injury claim we have successfully concluded
Miss E, was aged 14 when she was injured whilst sitting at the top of a skateboard platform, catching her right hand ring finger on a piece of protruding metal. She sadly had to undergo an amputation of the finger as the result of the accident.

Miss E and her family decided to make a claim, and got in touch with us to pursue it for her. We sent a letter of claim to the administrators of the skateboard park (the defendant) in which the platform was situated, informing them of Miss E's accident and intention to make a claim. The administrators then sent it on to their legal representatives to deal with, and eventually they admitted responsibility for her accident.

We got information to support the injury claim, including witness statements and photographs, as well as obtaining independent medical expert reports from a hand specialist and a psychologist. We then entered into negotiations with the defendant's representatives, who offered £27,500 in settlement of the claim. However, we did not feel this was appropriate to the level of injury Miss E had suffered and we advised her and her family to reject the offer, which the did. The offer was then increased to £32,000, which was again rejected on our advice. After final negotiations, we were able to settle the case for £42,250; a fair and appropriate settlement for Miss E's injury.

No win, no fee compensation
We work on a no win, no fee basis. A no win, no fee claim means that you will be protected from all costs if your claim is not succesful. What's more, you will not have to pay any up front costs in order to make a compensation claim. This all adds up to making claiming compensation a risk free, stress free process. See no win, no fee for details.

We can help you make an injury claim
As was the case for Miss E, accidents can happen when you least expect them and in the most unlikely of circumstances. You could be injured in a car accident, work accident or through clinical negligence. You may suffer whiplash injury, back injury or head injury and experience psychological as well as physical symptoms.

However your accident happened and no matter what the nature of your injury is, if you believe your accident was someone else’s fault (perhaps your employer, a colleague, or a company) please call us now for expert legal advice about pursuing an injury claim.

To speak to a personal injury solicitor now about making an injury claim call us on 0800 197 32 32.