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Will you be making an injury claim this winter?

The number of people having to make an injury claim following an accident at a public event becomes more and more common from October onwards. Firstly, we have Halloween, then Bonfire night, Christmas and, of course, New Year. The combination of dark evenings and alcohol can make this fun time of the year especially hazardous.

Public events liability
By law, organsisers of public events must hold liability insurance to cover any injuries sustained by members of the public. They must also ensure as far as possible that they have taken every measure available to them to safeguard their audience or party-goers, or they could find themselves subject to a potentially serious injury claim.

Tips on staying safe
In order for you to reduce any chance that you may need to make an injury claim during the most festive season of the year, it is wise to take to following precautions:

At Halloween
Excited children can make Halloween especially dangerous and could lead to an injury claim. Ensure that if the do wish to go trick or treating, that they are accompanied by an adult at all times. Be aware that drivers may not be able to see youngsters dressed in dark clothing. If at a party, be mindful that Jack-O-Lanterns often have candles inside which could easily set fire to clothing.

At Bonfire Night
Ensure that you and your family only attend recognised and well-organsied events. Stand well away from the bonfire and from where the fireworks are being ignited, and never give sparklers to the under-fives. If you are having a private party at home, make the safety of your guests your priority or you could be subject to an injury claim.

At Christmas
With the many electric lights being used at this time, make absolutely sure that they are safe and will not cause harm to anyone, which could lead to an injury claim. Keep candles away from anything flammable and never leave them burning when you go out, under any circumstances. If at a public party where Christmas trees tend to be extremely large, keep young children well away to prevent them from pulling it over.

At New Year
New Year’s Eve parties and alcohol are virtually synonymous, so be prepared for mishaps well in advance. If you can, organise a designated driver, or book a taxi as far in advance as possible. If you are driving, be on the look out for revelers and drive slower than you normally would. If you hit someone in circumstances which could have been avoided then you could be facing an injury claim.

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