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Personal injury solicitors help people with
a serious head injury

In the UK someone is admitted to hospital with a head injury every 90 seconds*. Many of those people will go on to use the services of personal injury solicitors because their injury was caused by another person.

No two head injuries are the same and recovery can be slow and unpredictable. If a head injury is serious, then the sufferer may need lots of help in order to rehabilitate. Personal injury solicitors can help anyone who has sustained a head injury or an injury of any kind and can help them to move on with their lives.

Unlike other cells in the body, neurones in the brain cannot regenerate or multiply. However it is thought that the brain has some capacity to compensate for lost function. It is believed that surviving neural connections in the brain are reorganised to carry out functions in a different way. The initial treatment of a head injury sufferer is aimed at optimising the function of surviving neurones. Rehabilitation helps the person to adapt to physical, psychological and emotional changes.

Claiming compensation following a non fault accident that has resulted in a head injury means that rehabilitation will be paid for and paying for ongoing medical care will not become an additional source of concern. Expert personal injury solicitors are able to compassionately help people to claim the personal injury compensation they are entitled to.

How personal injury solicitors can help you
If you or a loved one has sustained a non fault personal injury of any kind in the last three years then we can help you to make a personal injury claim. We are leading personal injury solicitors and are experts in the field of personal injury law. What's more, we offer our services on a no win, no fee basis, so you needn't be concerned about the financial consequences that making a claim may have.

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