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Are you unsure about making a car accident claim?

Many people who have the legitimate right to make a car accident claim don’t do so. This can be for many reasons, but lack of information regarding their right to take action, not wishing to be seen as “revenge seeking” and fear of what the process might involve are the most common explanations.

We understand your situation
Over the years, we have helped many people to make a car accident claim so we fully understand the apprehension that our potential clients often feel initially. We donít just provide the expert legal representation you need in court, weíre also able to offer objective advice at every stage to help you make the necessary decisions regarding your compensation claim.

Fear of being cross-examined
Lots of people, for example, donít take the action that they have a right to due to fear of being cross-examined in the court room. We are, under those circumstances, able to provide reassurance and information regarding the likelihood of this happening. But it is worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of car accident claim cases, and indeed personal injury cases generally, are settled before they even reach court, so the chances of you having to appear in a witness box are very remote.

Information and reassurance
We are also able to explain that most people who bring a car accident claim are not doing so for vengeful purposes. By fully explaining how the law of civil litigation works and what it is intended to achieve, most people feel a great deal more positive about the action they are contemplating following a car accident.

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