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Car accident claim for concussion

Car accidents lead to many different types of personal injury. Amonst the most common of those injuries is whiplash, however many victims of car accidents also sustain minor concussive head injuries, which may lead them to make a claim.  

Concussion is the most common type of brain injury and fortunately most people who sustain mild concussion do not suffer from long term symptoms. However, in the short term the symptoms suffered can be very unpleasant and can lead to time off work and an inability to carry out normal activities.

A concussion injury occurs when the brain is bruised by striking the cranium. The injury causes headaches, vomiting, dizziness and problems remembering or concentrating. Making a car accident claim after sustaining concussion or any other head injury can help to improve the outlook for the future.

Severe concussion is a medical emergency for people suffering from it, and were you to have been found to have suffered a severe concussion at the scene of the accident, you will undoubtedly be taken for emergency medical treatment. With severe concussion, there may be bleeding inside the head or bruising of the brain. Usually someone with a serious head injury will have symptoms of a moderate or severe concussion - for example; being knocked out for longer than a few minutes, being very confused (unable to remember the names of people or places, and sometimes even their own name), vomiting repeatedly, or having a very bad headache.

Make a car accident claim
If you have sustained a concussion injury or any other personal injury in the past three years as a result of a car accident then you may be able to make a car accident claim. If it can be shown that your car accident was the result of the actions of another person then you are legally entitled to make an injury claim.

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