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Brain injury prevention

Brain injury is usually caused by a sudden jolt to the head which makes the brain hit the sides of the skull. This most commonly occurs during the impact of a car crash or in a violent attack. Brain injuries can vary dramatically, and can be be fatal, cause individuals to become comatose, or just cause a mild concussion.

It is essential that people always wear seatbelts in vehicles, where available, to avoid hitting their head in case of a road accident. Those travelling by motorcycle or bicycle should wear helmets to protect their heads. Also, those that play sports where it is easy to be hit by a heavy ball, such as rugby or cricket, should consider wearing protective head gear.

How we can help following a brain injury
If you have suffered a brain injury or any other personal injury then talk to our personal injury solicitors. We offer expert, confidential legal advice and can help you to make a claim for compensation.

Any claim that you make through the claim solicitors will be made with us on a no win, no fee basis. See no win, no fee for further information.

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