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Brain injury - Causes and signs

Brain injury can be sustained from any number of accidents. For example, if you have had a slip or a trip, a fall in a scaffolding accident, or been involved in a road accident you may have hit your head with force and suffered damage to your brain.

It is advisable that you seek medical assistance immediately after an accident, especially if you have hit your head or fear that you may have suffered a head injury. There are many indictors that brain injury has occurred:

If you begin to develop headaches following hitting your head in an accident it is possible that you may have a brain injury. It is common for the pain to start at the back of the head and move forward to the temples and forehead. Stabbing pains lasting several seconds to several minutes may also indicate a brain injury.

Memory loss
Forgetfulness after an accident is also a worrying sign. For example, if you forget what people have just said, or friends tell you that you have repeated the same question a number of times, then your memory may be affected by a brain injury.

Fatigue and sleep disturbances
Waking up at intervals throughout the night or waking very early, unable to get back to sleep, show your sleep patterns are clearly disturbed. If this is unusual for you and begins happening following an accident where you have hit your head, then a brain injury may be a possibility. Getting tired more easily, both mentally and physically is another indicator, particularly if fatigue hits when you are in emotional situations.

Mood changes
Increased irritation or agitation that develops very quickly or being more prone to spells of depression and feeling more tearful than before hitting your head may indicate that the brain has been injured.

Lack of concentration
Difficulty staying focused on day to day tasks or getting very easily distracted while at work or in social situations can be another sign that a brain injury has been sustained.

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How we can help following a brain injury
If you have been involved in an accident at work, or on the road, and have sustained a brain injury or any other serious injury then we can help you to make a personal injury claim. Our personal injury specialists can guide you through the process, help you claim for damages and even organise for you to receive top quality medical care.

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