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Types of brain damage

If you have been involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, accident at work or sports accident and sustained a head injury which has resulted in brain damage then it is likely that the injury will be life-changing, and require serious, perhaps prolonged, medical treatment. Of course, the severity of brain damage depends on which area has been affected and there are different types of brain damage that can occur. Some examples of brain damage are:

Suffers can have complete or partial blanks when trying to recall past experiences, due to damage in the frontal lobe area.

This type of brain damage also happens in the frontal lobe and can affect our communication abilities communicate such as constructing sentences and speech.

Visual neglect
This means that a sufferer can only process information through one eye, since the part of the brain which receives information through the other eye is not working properly. For example, they may only eat one half of their dinner because they are unaware about the other half.

Sufferers are still able to see everything around them, although they cannot relate to their surroundings. For example, they do not recognise every day objects, friends and family.

It is safe to assume that any of these types of brain injury is going to have a significant impact on everyday living. Being unable to remember simple skills such as washing and writing will make sufferers more dependent. The inability to communicate competently will affect performance in the workplace. Driving could cause road accidents for those with visual neglect since they can only see half of their surroundings. Those with brain damage may not be able to maintain social relationships if they cannot relate to their family and friends.

It is clear that brain injury sufferers need a solid support network and the opportunity to claim compensation for their injury may help them to piece their world back together.

How we can help you following a brain injury
If you are suffering from brain damage, or any other personal injury, and wish to make a claim for compensation, our solicitors offer expert legal advice.

We can assist with recovering costs for medical expenses, prescriptions, loss of earnings, and any other damages. We can also arrange the best medical treatment available to help with rehabilitation.

To find out more about personal injury compensation claims or make a claim for brain damage fill in our online assessment form or call 0800 197 32 32.