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Causes of brain damage

The brain is a spongy mass of nerve cells and tissue split into three parts that each have their own special functions: the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the brain stem. Brain damage can be defined as damage to any of these parts from various causes which can be permanent or temporary.

The severity of brain damage is dependent on the area which is damaged and the extent to which it is damaged. Some frequent causes of brain damage are:

An individual may have history of brain damage in their family and a dysfunctional gene could have been inherited, causing their brain development to be stunted.

Instances such as having the umbilical cord hooked around the baby’s neck, restricting oxygen to the brain, or other complications during childbirth, can cause a baby to sustain brain damage.

Head injury
A blow to the head from a blunt object, perhaps in a violent attack, or the impact from hitting the windscreen or front seats in a car accident can cause brain damage. If the brain is jolted and knocked against the skull, bruising or tearing of the brain tissue may occur.

Blood flow
A human needs a constant supply of oxygen to the brain which is brought through blood flow. We can only survive for around four minutes without fresh oxygen before brain damage becomes fatal. Blood clots can cause a shortage of blood to the brain and there have also been cases where anaesthetists have caused asphyxiation during surgery by keeping patients under for too long.

Illness and disease
Meningitis is caused by a virus or a bacteria that infects the fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord, this can cause the brain to be damaged. Brain tumours can also grow so large that they can put pressure on the brain and result in brain damage.

How we can help following brain damage
If you have sustained brain damage or any other personal injury that was not your fault following an accident at work, a road accident, a sporting accident, a slip or a trip then we can help you to make a claim.

Our solicitors have extensive experience with personal injury cases and they can advise you throughout your claim.

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