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One of our recent accident claim successes

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, we may well be able to help you make an accident claim. Below is an example of just one of the many thousands of customers we have helped make successful personal injury compensation claims. Our customer was awarded over £5,700 in compensation after an accident at work.

A work-related accident claim
Our customer was employed as a catering assistant in a restaurant area. In June 2003, the air conditioning unit at the premises malfunctioned and produced a puddle of condensation. She slipped on the puddle of water and fell on her side, jarring her back and injuring her left knee.

She was taken to hospital where she was assessed and her leg put in a plaster cast. As she lived on the third floor of the property, she was unable to go home following her injury and had to stay with relatives. After the plaster cast was taken off, she continued to experience problems from her injured knee and was referred for physiotherapy treatment.

She decided she wanted to make an accident claim, and entered into a no win, no fee agreement with The Claim Solicitors in September 2003. A letter of claim was sent to her employer in October 2003, and GP and hospital notes were obtained in support of her claim.

Liability was admitted by the employer in December 2003.

Details with regard to financial loss and loss of earnings were obtained, and the amount of special damages was agreed.

An offer of £4,615.45 was made by her employer in mid-September 2004. The Claim Solicitors wrote back stating that we were unable to consider the offer due to outstanding issues of discrepancies regarding loss of earnings.

Following an exchange of correspondence, an offer of £5,741.18 was received from the employer in July 2005, and was accepted by our customer in full and final settlement of her accident claim.

No win, no fee claim
We understand that being involved in an accident can be a stressful experience. We also understand that being involved in an accident can result in financial pressure as well as physical pain. We work on a no win, no fee basis so you will not be responsible for the cost of making a claim in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. It means you can make a claim without fear of risk. See no win, no fee for more details.

How to begin making your personal injury claim
You can get expert legal advice on your accident claim in three ways:

If you have been injured in a non-fault accident, contact us today for quality legal advice regarding making an accident claim.