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British winter weather is unpredictable to say the least. Wind, rain, fog, sleet and snow dominate the long dark nights and those miserable grey days, leaving most of us wishing we were inside in front of the fire with our feet up and a cup of hot chocolate. And inside in the warm is probably the safest place to be, especially when compared to the dangers of being out on the roads.

Car accidents in the UK increase hugely over the winter months and, as a result, accident claims from those hurt and injured multiply too. Driving on icy roads can be a nightmare in itself, but when made yet more treacherous by fog or the dark or a slight sprinkling of snow, the prospects for even a short journey are potentially horrific.

Can you stay inside?
The best option by far is to stay indoors with that hot chocolate, but for the majority of people this isn’t an option; the children need to be picked up from school, the shopping needs to be done and most of us have got to get to work.

So if you simply have no choice but to venture out in the car during particularly wintry weather, be sure to avoid the possibility of being on the receiving end of a personal injury or accident claim, and take some important precautions.

Before you set off
Many car crashes and serious personal injuries resulting in accident claims are caused by vehicles that are not suitable to be used in winter weather. Before you begin your journey ensure that your vehicle is in good condition, the wipers and lights are working properly and there is anti-freeze in the radiator. Pack some warm clothes, a torch and a mobile phone, and always tell someone your destination and your expected time of arrival.

Advice for the road
Remember how easy it is to be involved in car accident in adverse weather conditions and alter your regular driving methods accordingly:

Further recommendations for taking to the road in winter can be found at

Suffered from a non-fault car accident?
Following the advice above should help to make your journey accident free, but it may not be you that causes the accident; after all, not everybody is not quite so responsible on the roads.

If you have been unlucky enough to have received a personal injury as the result of a non-fault car accident, whether in the winter or anytime of the year, you may be entitled to make an accident claim for compensation.

Expert legal advice
Our friendly, professional and experienced staff can give you expert, confidential advice on making a personal injury claim. Our solicitors help people every day who have received a personal injury following a non-fault car accident, and they will not blind you with complicated legal jargon but can promise to give you an open, honest and efficient service.

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