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Make an accident claim for injuries sustained through golf

If you play golf on a regular basis or just happen to walk your dog past the local golf course then you may have sustained a personal injury through a golfing accident and wish to make an accident claim.

There are a range of personal injuries connected to golf. For example if you are passing by a golf course that does not have clearly marked perimeters you may be off guard and could be hit by a flying golf ball. You could even be involved in a golfing accident while playing golf and make an accident claim. A closed head injury from the impact of the golf ball could occur. You could be hit in the face and suffer a swelling, a black eye or blurred vision. If hit in the mouth you could have your teeth damaged or even knocked out and need dental reconstruction.

Many professional golfers also sustain personal injuries while training such as shoulder injuries and back injuries, the most common injury is known as golfer’s elbow. This is similar to tennis elbow and other injuries that involve repetitive strain to the tendons that straighten the wrist and overuse of the forearm muscles.

Golfer’s elbow especially affects the inside of the arm and can cause further damage if not allowed to heal properly. Similar personal injuries can be caused by gardening and occupational overuse such as typing. These may all be circumstances eligible for accident claims through our personal injury solicitors.

How to make an accident claim
If you have been involved in a golfing accident, accident at work, car accident or any other situation that leaves you eligible for an accident claim then we are here to help.

If you have sustained a personal injury through no fault of your own then our leading personal injury solicitors can arrange for you to receive the best medical care available in your area.

We guarantee that you will be free from any legal costs in the event that you lose, with our no win, no fee policy. See no win, no fee for more information.

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